Sunday, September 14, 2014

Emma Mechelle - 1 Month

Dear Emma,

Well, you are one month old!  I don't want to sound cliché and all, but my goodness where has this past month gone!  It is so crazy to think that we have already been a family of three for a month.  While it has been a crazy adjustment, it has been the greatest month of my life (and I just spent a month in DC living it up...can't wait to tell you that story).  Here are some fun things about our first month together:

People you've met:

On your birthday, you got to meet your whole family (almost).  Your Nana and PopPop (Mark and Kathy), your GranKacky and Papaw (Kathy and Zac), your Aunt Kelsey, Aunt Kayla and Uncle Aaron, and your Aunt Becca and Uncle Ryan.  Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Meli were unfortunately in Costa Rica...your early arrival threw us off, and even though they were scheduled to be in town during your due date, you just couldn't wait to make your entrance!

You also got to meet our friends Kolby and Emily.  They did not bring their son Beckett with them, but you met him later...maybe someday you'll be good friends.  At least you'll be forced to be friends because these are our vacation buddies, and in the future I'm sure we'll all find ourselves skiing together!

Our friends Jon and Emily also came to see you on your birthday.  So many people already love you so much!

It was a busy first day for you, but it didn't end there.  The next day you got to meet Tate, Danielle, and Evie.  Hopefully you and Evie will go to daycare together.  She's just a few months older than you, and her cousin Turner (who you will meet in a couple weeks) is just a month-ish younger than you.  We're hoping you all will become good friends like us mommies have been!

You met Austin and Astrid from Baylor Student Activities (that's where mommy worked for the past two years).

Once Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Meli got into town, you met them too!  They are crazy about you!

And here's a list of all the other friends you met in your first month:

  • BFF Lynley
  • Brian and Margaret
  • Jessica
  • Nathan, Karen, and Annabelle
  • The Student Activities Staff
  • Avery
  • Katie
  • Taylor
  • Melissa
  • Drew
  • Holly
  • Abby
  • Elizabeth
  • Megan and Joan
  • Lisa and Jeff
  • Tyler's School Staff
  • And probably many more that I'm just unfortunately forgetting!

Here are some places we've been during your first month:

  • Target (multiple times)
  • Baylor's Campus
  • McLane Stadium
  • Tyler's School
  • Rosa's
  • Smashburger
  • HEB
  • Vitek's
  • Dayspring Baptist Church
  • Chili's
  • BJ's
  • Richland Mall
  • And probably many more that I am forgetting!

It's crazy how much you have changed in this short month.  You don't look as "baby" as you used to.  As weird as that sounds, it's true.  You have been such a good baby for us.  You sleep really well (almost every night...there have been a couple of rough patches).  And you are already sleeping all by yourself in your very own room.  You are tracking things with your eyes really well, and you are smiling at us...let me just tell COMPLETELY melts my heart when I see you smile up at me.  

You absolutely love laying on your play mat.  You can't reach for the toys that hang down, but you can entertain yourself for about 20 minutes on that thing!  You also love riding in the car.  You actually hate getting into your car seat, but once you're buckled in, you are a happy happy baby!  We walk around in the baby bjorn a bunch, and if you're fussy, that usually fixes the problem.  

Right now we are reading The Book Thief together.  I have to skip over some of the bad words...sorry about that!  We also read lots of your books too...though, I'm pretty sure I'm the only one both alert and interested in the voices I use when reading.  

Your dad and I have not gone on a date yet, but we're planning one soon...we've just been so busy with the beginning of's the curse of having a birthday in me, I know!

Emma Mechelle, you are such a joy!  I cannot wait for more exciting things to come, and for your personality to continue to develop.  We love you so much...I can't imagine what life would be like without this past month.  Happy 1 month!

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